Gloria I.

Laurel, MD

My hair loss is hereditary and made worse by stress.  Nothing really helped the thinning stop and all I could do was use gentle products and others that promised volume.  However, nothing can make you really look like you have more hair. 
But after just the first SMP session, the difference was tremendous. 

It has made me less self-conscious about the thinning areas and so many people have commented that ‘something’ is different and that my hair looks so full!

Alex B. 

Ashton, MD

After meeting with Ruben initially, I was immediately sold on his expertise, knowledge, and promise that SMP would improve my life. If your hair is thinning call Edge Scalp Ink.


Chantilly, VA

I was always known for having a full head of hair. I could get away with any hairstyle with ease. When my hair started thinning, it was devastating. Edge Scalp Ink was a lifesaver. The treatment made my hair look fuller than I had seen it in years. 

John P.

Sacramento, CA

Absolutely amazing how I woke up just a couple of weeks ago with no hair and now I have a full head of it. SMP isn’t magic. You can tell Ruben works hard and smart to give you the best results. Hats off to Edge Scalp Ink.

Kibral H. 

San Jose, CA

When I found out that Ruben was trained by the one and only Zang, I knew I found the right artist for me. I reached out and I am so happy I did. SMP changed my life.

Jorge N. 

Washington, D.C.

Ruben walked me through the SMP treatment process before starting it and answered all of my questions quickly. I could tell Edge Scalp Ink was an honest company just by chatting with Ruben and the results of the treatment are top notch. No one noticed that I now had hair, but everyone noticed that something in me changed for the better. That’s exactly what I wanted.