The Ultimate Guide to SMP (With FAQs)

If you’re tired of how your thinning hair looks but don’t want invasive surgery or cosmetic injections that might not work, then you want scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

It’s the perfect way to restore your hair to the way you remember it. Take a look at the ultimate guide to SMP (with FAQs) to answer all your questions about this sensational treatment.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation the Same As Microblading?

While they both are technically a form of micropigmentation, no, SMP is not the same as microblading, which is done manually with a blade.

SMP uses an electric tattoo device that is powerful enough to penetrate your scalp's thick skin.

What Does SMP Look Like?

The primary goal of SMP is to create the illusion of full hair. It won’t look natural if you use the hairlike lines as your would in microblading. Instead, a specialist uses a very high-quality ink and meticulously tattoos tiny dots in layers and different hues.

This technique mimics the shadow and depth of hair follicles, resulting in the stunning illusion of thick, full hair.

What Does SMP Feel Like - Is It Painful?

There is mild discomfort with SMP. However, before your specialist begins your treatment, a numbing agent is applied to your scalp.

When Will I See SMP Results?

You get to see your amazing SMP results immediately. Treatment takes three-to-four hours, and it takes a few treatments to experience maximum results.

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