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Ruben Diaz | Edge Scalp Ink
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Ruben F. Diaz

Master Artist

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Veronica Hernandez

Master Artist

Veronica joined Edge Scalp Ink in 2021 and has been changing lives through her scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) techniques. In 2021, she completed Edge Scalp Ink’s Master Training Certification course. She is so talented that we decided to bring her on board as one of our master artists. She is now providing SMP treatments at our Downtown Bethesda, Maryland studio.


Veronica’s eye for detail, professionalism, experience, and high level of discipline helped propel her forward at light speed in her SMP career.


Veronica graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC in 2011. Over the years she has witnessed many family and friends struggle with hair loss which led to her desire to help people. Her empathy and compassion for others makes her an excellent addition to our team.

Most SMP companies only give you a hairline. Edge Scalp Ink gives you back your edge in life. If you are looking for true professionalism and hyper-realistic results from an honest company, Edge Scalp Ink is for you.

Ruben's talent for stippling, also known as pointillism, graphic and web design, and his knack for working with people of all walks of life led him to pursue a career in scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Ruben learned the art of SMP through his completion of Zang SMP's intensive Master Training Course in Los Angeles, California. His training with Zang coupled with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland and his artistic background, helped him hit the ground running helping his clients get back their much needed confidence. Ruben also trained with Matt Iulo at Scalp Micro USA's Scalp Micropigmentation Master Course. Needless to say, he's learned from the best in the SMP business.


Ruben started practicing scalp micropigmentation in the East Bay area of Northern California in 2018. He now provides SMP treatments in Bethesda, Maryland. In 2019, he and his partners created Edge Scalp Ink, LLC to serve the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

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Edge Scalp Ink

At Edge Scalp Ink, our scalp micropigmentation (SMP) artists use a specially formulated and plant-based pigment to mimic a closely shaved hair follicle. The result is hyper-realistic and indistinguishable from real hair. Creating hairlines that look natural takes advanced skill. We're now serving the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia area.


We specialize in natural hairlines and never provide cookie-cutter results. All treatments are customized to your scalp and facial features. We can also reduce the contrast between longer hair and the scalp in both men and women.


Edge Scalp Ink can lower your hairline, fill in thinning areas on your crown, and make unsightly scars, including FUE and FUT hair transplant scars, disappear. Using the latest blending techniques and pigments Edge Scalp Ink will help you get your edge back.

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